'Hyperbole and a Half' author Allie Brosh's new book slated for release this September

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News of a new release date comes alongside a new design for the book's cover (Simon & Schuster | Background: Getty Images/Beyond Our Reality Productions Inc.)

It's been years since anyone's heard anything from Allie Brosh, writer and artist behind the award-winning book Hyperbole and a Half and the long-dormant blog of the same name. But now, it seems that the long-awaited sequel to the book, Solutions and Other Problems, may finally see the light of day.

Both the blog and book were a hilarious mixture of personal anecdotes from her childhood and adult life, along with musings on subjects ranging from bad grammar to her own struggles with depression. All of this was paired alongside her colorful, expressive (if simple) drawings.

The result was heartfelt and hysterical, and her blog posts about depression have been even been lauded by psychologists for its explanation of the condition. As a result, fans constantly checked her blog for more of her beloved writings.

But then the updates stopped coming.

The best-selling author hasn't updated her Blog since October 2013, and made her four last tweets on November 13, 2014, when she showed a reluctance to share too much about her life.

Those weren't her last public appearances -- in 2015, she played the board game Legendary on the YouTube show Tabletop and appeared alongside Felicia Day in a question-and-answer session, and the next year she made a speaking appearance on the 2016 JoCo cruise. But since then, it's been mostly radio silence.

Brosh had a second book, Solutions and Other Problems, scheduled to release first in 2015, then 2016, then later in 2018. Those years came and went without a single update from the author or its publisher, Simon & Schuster. Meanwhile, images from her blog became the stuff of internet memes, her book was featured in multiple "best of the decade" lists, and fans kept worrying about her well-being while still hoping to one day hear from her again.

It seems like the wait may finally be over. Simon & Schuster's website quietly released an update to the page for her upcoming sequel, Solutions and Other Problems. The update includes a new cover, along with a new release date: September 22, 2020.

The book is 528 pages long (compared to the original's 384 pages), and is being published under the Gallery Books imprint.

There may always be another delay (and we've reached out to Simon & Schuster for comment on whether the release date is confirmed), but the potential for Brosh's reappearance on the literary stage is good news for all her fans.