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GALLERY: Friendly deer photobombs engagement session

Courtesy Eldina Kovacevic, owner of Inna Kova Photography{ }

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WZTV) – "Guys, don't freak out but there is a deer coming our way."

That's what Eldina Kovacevic said when shooting an engagement session in Michigan as a friendly deer approached.

Kovacevic, owner of Inna Kova Photography, said she tried to warn the couple to stay calm and kept getting lots of shots of the deer - but it inched closer and closer.

"The deer literally came up toward the back of the couple and sniffed Austin's shirt then casually walked passed them and kept eating the grass," Kovacevic said.

She just kept telling the couple, Dori Castignola and Austin Swiercz, to stay calm and focus on each other.

"They took it like champs even though we were all slightly nervous and had no idea how it would all unfold," Kovacevic said.

The deer must've been known in the area, because onlookers were telling the photo crew that the deer was friendly and not to be startled.

"It was so magical and one of the best things that happened in my photography career," Kovacevic said.