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Historical society takes teams on scavenger hunt road race

scavenger hunt.jpg
Teams compete in a historical scavenger hunt in Pennsylvania on Aug. 4, 2019. (WOLF)

It’s a battle of mind and machine.

A scavenger hunt combined with a road race. Twenty teams at Wilkes University Sunday, testing their knowledge of the Wyoming Valley.

The Luzerne County Historical Society has set this up to teach us about our history. The clue books are passed out. Teams have to drive around finding eight specific historical sites and landmarks. But there’s a catch- teams aren't racing the clock. They're racing the odometer.

"The (team with the) least amount of mileage is going to be the winner," Sherry Emershaw, the event's co-chair, said.

Some are using their normal cars today. Others brought vintage vehicles- like Brad Bryant. He built a 1930 Ford Model A.

"If mechanically it makes it to the end we'll be in good shape," Bryant said.

The Behlke family is ready to go with their bright blue shirts. They’re the NEPA Natives Plus One.

"Three of us were raised in Wyoming, one of us is not," Ellen Behlke said. "So we're NEPA Natives Plus One."

Cars dash out of the parking lot. Other families like the Behlkes try to solve the clues, before leaving, so they’re not racking up the miles.

First stop for the Behlkes- the William Camp Gildersleeve marker. He helped slaves as they were going through the underground railroad in the 1800's.

Teams have to take pictures at each site for it to count.

"We are familiar with a lot of the tourist attractions in the area so we hope that'll help," Behlke said.

The race ended in Edwardsville.

The historical society was also raising money for the organization.