New '360VR Flood Experience' shows what can happen if you try to cross flooded roads

Screenshot taken from VRFlood - A 360VR Flood Experience, courtesy Clark County Regional Flood Control.

With monsoon season on its way, Clark County Regional Flood Control is trying to keep residents safe from the flash floods that plague the valley. High their priority list is keeping drivers from driving across flooded roads.

One novel approach Flood Control has taken to spreading the word about the dangers of flash floods is a new "360VR Flood Experience." The experience, hosted on YouTube, is optimized for Google Cardboard devices but can be viewed on the regular YouTube website or mobile apps.

The experience shows the result of a driver and passenger choosing to drive across what appears to be a lightly-flooded road, with disastrous results.

Viewing the video on the website allows users to look in all directions by clicking and dragging the mouse. Using Google Cardboard or the YouTube app or allows a more immersive experience, where viewers can look around the 3D virtual environment by moving turning their heads or their phones.