Canadian movement to 'adopt' Vegas Golden Knights goes viral


There is a movement from our neighbors to the north to take ownership of our Vegas Golden Knights. A petition has been made for the Canadian province Saskatchewan to adopt our hockey team as their own.

Don't worry, the Vegas golden Knights aren't moving to Canada. this movement is more about expanding the team's fanbase.

I'm excited to introduce the province's first NHL team: the Saskatchewan Vegas Golden Knights. We're going to go tell the premier about it right now.

Canadians Justin Reeves and Greg Moore host their own online show. The pair is pushing a petition for the Canadian province of Saskatchewan to officially adopt the Vegas Golden Knights as their official NHL team.

Their social media campaign has gone viral. The Canadian duo has even gone as far as speaking to their province premier -- which is similar to a governor -- to make it official.

They're just hoping the love affair is mutual.

Vegas is really easy to get to, but we really need to pack that stadium full of Knights fans, and what better way than to take 1.1 million rabid Saskatchewan hockey fans and inject them into the culture?" said Moore. "So we're open to whatever the Vegas Golden Knights want to do to acknowledge that."