Over 70 percent of bettors put money on Eagles to win at South Point sports book

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One of the biggest things people here in Las Vegas are talking about tonight is the bets placed on the big game.

It is believed more than $155 million was wagered on the big game. There were three bets of at least a million dollars made on the eagles. The William Hill Sports Book is reporting a huge loss -- because of the Eagles win. Just on those three bets combined the sportsbook lost $4.6 million.

Here was the pandemonium at the South Point sports book. A Tom Brady bomb into the end zone was not enough to save New England Patriot betters.

Over at William Hill, they are reporting over 70 percent of the betting public put their money straight up on the Eagles. The money line at most places was at 160 -- that means anyone laying $100 on the Eagles made out with $160 dollars.

Jimmy Vacarro at the Southpoint tells News 3 there was heavy Patriot action today that may have saved his sports book.

"In a sense, there was a lot of money laid on the Patriots, so we actually made out relatively well,” said Vacarro. “There was so much juice flying around and the props did good for most casinos."

The Eagles fans, of course, were happy with the win.

“I’m feeling awesome right now,” said Eagles fan Rob Patton. “It's like I haven't won in awhile. I knew the Eagles were going to win. I'm elated."

Patriots fans, surprisingly, weren’t too sad about losing money.

"It's not disappointing at all. I love it,” said Patriots fan Dan Ledesma. “It's a great game. It was a great game."

MGM officials say one bettor put $3 million dollars on the money line for the Eagles. That Eagles fan took home an estimated $4.5 million.