Vegas Golden Knights jerseys unveiled, receive positive reactions from fans

Blowup version of VGN Univorm.jpg
Blowup version of VGN Uniform. 6/20/17 (Gerard Ramalho | KSNV)

After weeks of anticipation, Las Vegas hockey fans finally got what they've been waiting for: a glimpse of the official Vegas Golden Knights jersey.

"Tomorrow we're going to have a team," said Kim Frank, V.P. of Marketing for the Vegas Golden Knights. "So we wanted to make sure everyone could see the jersey and we thought this would be a fun place to have fans come down and see it."

The event, which took place in front of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign on the south end of The Strip, featured no speeches or special announcements, just selfie opportunities with actual jerseys, and a large 15-foot blow-up version for those who didn't want to stand in line.

Reactions were overwhelmingly positive. One person commented, "the right mix of striking and sinister.

Hockey fan Brittany Sheehan told News 3, "I really like the way the red kind of ties into the rest of the jersey, and it looks really classic Vegas."

Fans who wish to pre-order jerseys can do so at The Armory, the team's official merchandise store inside T-Mobile Arena.

The jerseys, according to team officials, will arrive before the start of the season.