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Scholar Athletes: Green Valley High School


Scholar Athletes: Green Valley High School

Harrison Nielson
GPA 4.075

Harrison is a 3 year starter for Green Valley at Center. Over time he has proven himself to be hard working, trustworthy and humble. Harrison is always first to practice and last to leave. He takes pride in getting equipment set up for practice and often gets his teammates involved in the process. When given tasks he will see them through to the end and each job is done with great detail. It has truly been an honor to coach and work with Harrison over the last few years. We appreciate his humble yet physical style of play and we look forward to watching him shine!

Anya Bella Siegel
GPA 4.35 weighted
GPA 3.5 unweighted

If a coach could have a student athlete who exemplified student and athlete to the fullest it would be this young lady. Anya maintains a GPA of 4.35, and has been the number one player on the team all 4 years. It is what she does with her peers that sets her apart, she has actively taken a leadership role for both boys and girls teams, leading them to proper warmups, practices, and sportsmanship. Anya has personally helped all the kids that needed assistance with where to store their tennis bags during school, school work, and navigate a new school. I could not think of another student who deserves this honor more than Anya Siegel.