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Sinclair Cares: The Salvation Army asks for donations of masks, gloves and water


A guarantee of a hot lunch, served by people wearing masks and gloves, goes a long way in easing a bit of anxiety.

For folks who don’t have anywhere else to go, this is a time of even more uncertainty.

Because of the coronavirus, homelessness is a scarier thought than ever.

“We’re going to do whatever we can, the best we can with the resources that we have to protect them,” said Major Cheryl Kinnamon with The Salvation Army.

Major Kinnamon reminds us: COVID-19 doesn’t care if you have a home, or if you are homeless.

“They’re just like us,” said Major Kinnamon. “They’re scared, they don’t know what’s going to happen.”

A guarantee of a hot lunch, served by people wearing masks and gloves, goes a long way in easing a bit of anxiety.

“The people who walk through the doors say it: ‘We’re glad that you’re here for us, that you have not forgotten us,’” said Director of Social Services Juan Salinas.

There’s not much the Salvation Army volunteers can do to help with social distancing as flocks of hungry people line up for lunch outside the building. However, Salinas says that’s a different story when they come inside.

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“When they come in, there’s somebody at the gate that is allowing 10 at a time to come up,” SALINAS said. “So, once they walk in through our doors, they are able to also disinfect their hands, get their lunch, and exit as soon as they can.”

The Salvation Army is able to provide this daily meal through help and donations. A few Las Vegas casinos have given food to the cause.

Now, they’re looking for other essentials, so they can give the homeless tools to protect themselves during the pandemic.


“The three things the Salvation Army is in need of are masks, gloves, and water,” Salinas said. “We’re in the process of preparing some pandemic kits as well for them, it’s going to have masks, gloves, disinfectant. All those things are going to be provided for them as well.”

Until then, they’ll do everything in their power to keep serving the vulnerable while fighting COVID-19 one meal at a time.

“Meeting the human needs is so important for The Salvation Army, and our staff,” Salinas said.